Heart Help

Heart Help Ltd has been founded in order to train the public, staff members at companies and sports organisations in CPR and how to use defibrillators. When someone suffers a heart attack you have minutes to react. Would you know what to do?

You are sitting in your office and you suffer a HEART ATTACK.

Who is going to help you?

Who knows what to do?

What equipment do you have?

At Heart Help we give training so that your co-workers have the confidence to carry out the correct procedure to give you the very best chance of survival.

The company was formed following a real-life emergency at a golf course. Of the 37 people standing around watching only 3 knew what to do, but two of these did not have the confidence to help. David Sullivan, who helped save the victim in this particular case, founded Heart Help as a direct result.

With his Army training, support and advice from the defibrillator manufacturers, the company has developed a training scheme to give the ordinary people around you, the confidence and ability to help save your life.

Remember no one has been sued for trying to help save a life. Imagine how you would feel if everybody froze and didn't come to your aid?

Latest News: We are proud to annouce that we are now providing training courses for FM Conway and Canary Wharf Developments

Latest Interview: You can hear and see David being interviewed on BBC Radio London by Clicking here