Date: Wed 04 Jul 2018

Canary Wharf gets Heart Angels Training

Today Heart Angels started training the staff at Canary Wharf Ltd they are striving to train all 4,000 staff The Gift Of LIFE-SAVING using CPR and DEFIBRILLATOR use. Not only will they be lifesavers at work, but 24 hours a day. That is 4000 lifesavers covering the South East. If all of you download this App.

GoodSAM Alerter

You need to download this app if you are a member of the public to call for emergency services and help from nearby qualified Responders.

Download GoodSAM

GoodSAM connects those in need with those in the local community with life-saving skills to help until the emergency services arrive. By alerting first aid trained bystanders to local incidents, GoodSAM aims to prevent the irreparable brain and heart damage which all too frequently occurs during a cardiac arrest or traumatic incident. Opening an airway and giving basic life support can radically alter the outcome for these patients.